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"Underworld & Archetypes" — People suffering in recovery and trauma often say "I'm going through hell". This prompted therapist James Bennett to research ancient legends of "journey through the underworld." It became evident that ancient people had just the same deep mind experiences as we have today, so we can benefit from their guidance on how to reach the other end, like a rebirth. See more about it on its page at and also on it own page on Facebook  Underworld & Archetypes. Available both in Print $18.95 or as an eBook at $4.49 from MY OWN STORE

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 "A Village Childhood" is a forthcoming e-Book about the changes to village life that were effected by the the industrial revolution, and its resistance to being swallowed-up by the city. This novel history book illustrated with maps and original drawings is featured on it own facebook page on Facebook Exley Head Remembered, and also on Pinterest and  Twitter: